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Spiralling Out of Control by Michelle Dennis Evans

Book Blurb:
 Temptation, depression, seduction, betrayal ... Not what Stephanie was expecting at fifteen years of age. Uprooted from her happy, all-girl high school life with a dream filled future and thrown into an unfriendly co-ed school, Stephanie spirals into depression. 

When charismatic high school senior, Jason notices her, Stephanie jumps in feet first and willingly puts all her faith and trust in him, a boy she barely knows. 
Every choice she makes and turn she takes leads her towards a dangerous path.
Her best friend is never far away and ready to catch her … but will she push Tabbie too far away when she needs her most?

 This novel contains adult themes, and is recommended reading audiences 17+ 


Chapter 3 part a

“You must be Stephanie. I’m Mrs Bardon.” The teacher’s chins
flapped as she turned her well-rounded body to face the class. “Students, meet, Stephanie.”
Voices mumbled, heads turned and hands smothered snickers. Stephanie looked for some support, hoping to see a friendly face, but she couldn’t find anyone to connect with.
A loud wolf whistle floored her. “Check it out. Check out the new piece!” cheered a shaggy-haired boy.
Mrs Bardon cleared her throat. The vibration echoed around the room.
Stephanie swallowed as fire moved up her neck and exploded in her cheeks. She’d never been whistled at before. Co-ed sucks. She repositioned her feet for escape, a quick dash and she’d be gone. But her soles felt glued to the floor. She looked to the teacher, hoping for some help or at the very least, a rebuttal. What came didn’t satisfy the crime.
Mrs Bardon cleared her throat for the second time, dropping a heavy textbook on her desk. “Find a seat, Stephanie. Anywhere is fine.”
Stephanie held her head down, glancing from desk to desk to find a seat. 
“Come here, sweetheart, I saved this one just for you.” Wolf-whistle-boy smacked the desk beside him as the class erupted in laughter.
She waited for Mrs Bardon to reprimand the boy. But she didn’t. Does this teacher have a clue? Hoping to shrink away from any more attention, Stephanie slinked into the seat of an empty desk between two girls. She smiled towards their blank faces. Both girls focused on her with icy eyes, then turned to each other and grinned. What is that supposed to mean?
“Class!” Mrs Bardon slammed not one, but a pile of textbooks down on the wooden desk. The thud silenced the class.
“Let’s get back to the roll … Melinda Black …”
“Uh huh.”
“John Class …”
“Yow!” It was wolf-whistle-boy. Yeah, all class.
Mrs Bardon looked up from the roll. “John, this is your last warning. Your behaviour this morning is unacceptable and I will be reporting the whistling.”
The class giggled, bringing more heat to Stephanie’s cheeks.
Mrs Bardon continued. “Monica Hannack …”
“Yep,” said the blonde girl sitting next to Stephanie.
Stephanie zoned out for the rest of the lesson. Her heart still thumped in her chest when the bell rang. She let the flow of students carry her to the hallway. Like a fish in a duck pond, she searched the sea of students and approached a group of girls to ask for directions. Without speaking, they pointed to a map on the wall and walked away. She wished she hadn’t asked them in the first place, and pulled out the map she was given on arrival.
Stephanie shook her head. Surely this was a nightmare. When the final bell sounded, she left the school grounds ahead of the other students to meet her mother in the car park.

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Michelle Dennis Evans writes to inspire, take people on a journey and escape their world. She believes you can find healing or hope when you read about someone else’s story – fiction or truth. Her debut novel Spiralling Out of Control and poetry collection Life Inspired both reached #1 in subcategories on Amazon in their first week of release.   
Michelle lives on the Gold Coast of Australia with her husband and four super active, super fun and super time consuming children.

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  1. What a great excerpt. I can't wait to read Michelle's book. Thanks for hosting her.


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